Meghan McWalter

My Autoethnography 

What Inspires me to write.....

I am....

I am a girl that loves to be loved.
I wonder why people give up easily.
I hear people laughing when I'm happy, and crying when I'm sad.
I see perfect situations in my head, but they fall apart in reality. 
I want something to be proud of.

I pretend not to care when I'm hurt. 
I feel no trust around people I don't know.
I touch people's arms when I'm scared.
I worry about my future.
I cry when I feel hated.

I am a girl that loves to be loved. 

I understand why people get upset.
I say...."No regrets".
                                                     I try to be myself.
                                                     I hope to get what I deserve.
                                                     I am a girl that loves to be loved. 

High School 

When I was looking through some old homework I found this "I am.." poem. It is a poem my freshman English teacher had read  out loud in class and told us to use it as a model for our own poem. I saw this and immediately thought of Linda Christenson and the poetry we read out loud in our own class. 
I think that it is a great idea to give students poems that they can recreate and make their own. Some students aren't as creative as others and this would be an amazing start for them.