Meghan McWalter

My Autoethnography 
Dear Joe,

         Hey buddy, I wish this letter could express just how much I miss you. I hope all is going well with Basic Training, I hear it is hell. I wish you were here so you could witness everything that is going on in my life. I'm not going to live with Emily, Steph, or Cheyenne next year, it's a really long story that I promise not to bore you with. Emerson and I decided to get an apartment together, haha I know what you're thinking...we are going to either kill each other or just influence each other in the wrong ways. I think that we are a good match, he is really clean and he keeps to himself. What more could I ask for? We move in at the beginning of August, I know you will be back by then so you have to make it to the move-in party. My brother called me the other day and told me that he is moving to Australia in July. Now let me just say, I bawled my eyes out when you left and you're not even my real brother..(don't take offense I still refer to you as my brother around everyone). I just don't know how to handle this, it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't already buy the ticket. Remember all of Cheyenne's stories form Australia? They had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming. Kyle is never going to come back, he makes friends every where he goes. I know I should be excited for him, this is an amazing opportunity. You know how I get. 

A friend of mine gave me the idea, after I finish at Western, to just continue school over in Australia. I feel like that would be something to look into. 

You have missed a few good parties here, but they still aren't the same with out baby kangaroo! Jena and Cheyenne bring you up whenever we hang out. I can't wait until you come kind of really complete our circle of friends. I hope they aren't treating you poorly, because you know I'd be there in a second to beat them up.

I love you so much Joe. 
Come home safe and soon.

Love your little sis,

P.S. This letter is going to be in one of my school projects.... I'll show it to you when you get home. 

Letters are Forever...

         I wrote this letter about a week ago, to my friend Joe. He just recently left  Kalamazoo to go to basic training for the U.S. Air Force. I miss him so much, and writing a letter is the only way I am allowed to contact him in the first few weeks. I don't think that letters will ever die, I don't care how much technology you incorporate into classrooms, I will always encourage my students to write letters. 

         Writing is an amazing skill to have, and to be able to share it with loved ones is something special. Letters are a lot more personal than e-mails or text messages. In my case, I could only write a letter, but it would have been my first choice anyway. 

Dear Scott,
I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. You have every right to hate me; I was so ignorant towards your feelings. I know you probably won’t care about this letter but I figured I would write it anyway, because I know what I did was wrong. I put you in a ridiculous situation, and was probably the reason you didn't stay at school for Halloween with all of your friends. Our relationship as you know, wasn't healthy. We fought every other day, and disagreed with each other on everything. That is why we had a mutual break-up, you even realized you wanted to take a break before I did. I was so angry with you until I realized that you were right, we weren't good for each other. I know that Brett is one of your best friends, and believe me I have been yelled at all last week by Steve which I completely deserved. But yes, I did kiss him, and yes I am still with him. I care about him as much as you probably hate this letter. I hate that this happened this way, I hate that your best friends didn't hear from you for an entire week, and I hate that every time I walk out of my apartment I'm afraid to look up just to see a disgusted look on your face. In the end, I hope that one day you can find it in you to forgive me. I know it’s easy to forgive rather than to forget, but I will take anything. I don't regret what I'm doing right now because I am truly happy, but I do regret the way it happened. I'm sorry.


They are real. 

The letter on the left was written by me during my sophomore year of college. I wrote it to my ex-boyfriend, we had recently broken up. I had been 'that' girl who gets together with her ex-boyfriends best friends. I didn't know how to handle the situation. By the way, if you know someone in a similar situation give them a break, they have no idea what they are doing either. 

      I remember not being able to control my feelings because of what had happened. Even though I was happy with Brett, I cried every day not knowing how to apologize or make up for what I did to Scott. I hated him, and wished he would still be my friend at the same time. I was going to text him but I didn't think it was an appropriate way to apologize to someone. I was going to send him a hidden message on facebook, but still felt that it was the wrong way. I chose the letter because he could see my handwriting and where I screwed up. I didn't erase any mistakes, I simply scratched them out and wrote on. I wanted him to see what I was thinking while writing it, that it was real. 

I know that I will encourage my students to write as many letters as possible, even if they are to themselves. I learned to write letters in the fourth grade, we had pen pals. I use them in so many situations in my life, even if I don't mail them to anyone. They are a form of expression that I will never die.