Meghan McWalter

My Autoethnography 

Tagxedo Clover 


Just a Girl 

She's a four leaf clover,
Lucky and hard to find. 
Most think she's out of her mind.
When she's alone she likes to think,
She'll wear anything but pink.
She does not want to be tied down,
She'll do anything not to frown.
She is as cute as a pearl, 
But remember she's just a girl.
She believes in putting up a fight,
and love at first sight.
She doesn't care what's coming around the bend,
She'll do anything for trust in the end. 

               I found this poem in an old notebook and I don't even remember writing it. It was in my handwriting and had a million cross outs. I think it is interesting that we write so much that there is no way that you could ever remember everything you have ever written. It is nice though when you look at old papers and do find things that make you think, Did I really write this? I think that teachers should keep portfolios for their students, and at the end of their four year stay they have something to hold onto.