Meghan McWalter

My Autoethnography 

Write About Love 

I know a spell
That would make you well
Write about love
It can be in any tense
But it must make sense

I know a trick
Forget that you are sick
Write about love
It can be in any form
Hand it to me in the morning

I hate my job, I'm working way too much (every day I'm stuck in an office)
At one o'clock, I take my lunch up on the roof
The city spread below
I write about a man
He's intellectual and he's hot, but he understands

The seconds move on (if you watch the clock)
And the sky grows dark (if you're looking up)
And the girls move from thrill to thrill on the tightrope walk (on the tightrope walk)


I know a way (so you know the way)
Get on your skinny knees and pray (Maybe not today)
You've got to see the dream through the windows and the trees of your living room (of your living room)
You've got to see the dream through the windows and the trees of your living room 

Just Me and Pops 

When he comes home he is dirty and tired from his long day on the job site. Good or bad, he always manages to smile after he eats the meal I cook every night. It's just me and him; we are like two peas in a pod. No matter what, it's always going to be just me and pops. We always get into a deep conversation before some TV, but he always seems to catch me and say, "Not before you've done your homework!" He tells me not to worry about him, it seems easy to say, but impossible to do if I want to feel right the next day. 

           During my sophomore year of high school one of my English teachers had told us to write one day....
           That was it. All she said was, "Everyone has to write something today, I don't care what genre or what it is about. Just write". This was at a point in my life when my mom and sister moved to California for two years. I had to stay at home with my dad and brothers, someone had to take care of them. My dad means a lot to me and when Ms. Lhotka told us to write about anything, I knew that my dad was the best topic.  
        I really enjoyed my English classes in high school, especially when we were allowed to write about anything we wanted to. It allows us to think about our lives outside of school. This is also a good way for teachers to see what level of writing their students have accomplished, how creative they can be, and it will allow them to see a little bit of their students history. Students should have time in class where they just write about anything. If a student chooses to write about a pack of gum, at least they are writing and hey, it may be the best description of gum that you will come across in a while.